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Mapa Mundi was founded in 1977 by Bruno Turner and Martyn Imrie, to edit and publish chiefly Hispanic church music of the Renaissance period in practical performing editions. Our thorough, scholarly, and professional editions, finely printed and affordable to buy, are simply to serve and encourage performance.

In the last thirty years our editions have been used in ever increasing numbers of performances, broadcasts and CD recordings throughout the world. Notable successes include the motets and Masses of Francisco de Peñalosa; Alonso Lobo's Versa est in luctum and Missa Maria Magdalene; Francisco Guerrero's motets, especially Ave Virgo sanctissima and Maria Magdalene; the Requiem Masses by Tomás Luis de Victoria, Duarte Lôbo (2), Manuel Cardoso and Johannes Ockeghem; Alessandro Striggio's 40 part motet: Ecce beatam lucem; Lamentations and motets by Orlandus Lassus; from Mexico psalms and motets by Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla; and so on.